Review: GarageBand for ios

July 16th, 2013

GarageBand for ios review
The guitar instrument in GarageBand...

For many people, (myself included) one of the hardest things about making a movie is finding the perfect background music. Sure, stock sound effects can be found with a little bit of effort, but finding stock music is a little harder. Some music may sound good, but doesn't fit the scene. It may not have the right tone or mood, and it just sounds rather odd or awkwardly placed in the scene. 

One obvious solution is to hire a composer to write new music for you, but that can get very expensive very fast. If you want a fun, simple $5 solution, I would highly recommend the Garageband app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. 

With GarageBand, you can play many different instruments and piece them together to create music. Using different instruments (including the very useful "strings" instrument) you can create simple background music that fits smoothly with your movie. You can take control to decide what goes where and not be limited to whatever the stock music sounds like. 

GarageBand for ios review
The very intuitive drum instrument. You can also switch to a drum machine, and other drum sounds (such as vintage drums, studio drums, etc.)

The app contains a wide variety of instruments, ranging from dozens of keyboard patches, to guitar (bass, acoustic, and electric), to drums, and even an entire strings section (which can be played individually or altogether). 

GarageBand for ios review
The easy to use keyboard with 80 different patches on it.

All of your recordings can be mixed together in an 8 track mixer where you can easily move around all of your recordings, fix small note mistakes, trim off sections, and make sure everything fits together. From there you can easily email yourself the file and add it your movie. 

GarageBand for ios review
The strings section of Garageband where you can easily add or remove parts of the orchestra.

While obviously this isn't going to replace a professional orchestra, it is a very easy way to create simple music that fits with your video. I would highly recommend it for simple videos, and it's very easy to use at home or on the go.

What do you think of this app? Have you used the Mac version of it? What do you think of either version? Let us know!


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