Another Genesis Movie Update

February 23rd, 2015

We've mentioned the Genesis in 3D Movie before and we've been eagerly tracking their progress. If you haven't heard of the Genesis movie, they are attempting to tell the story of the 6 days of creation in a feature-length CGI animation.

Recently, they took the progress they had made on their movie to Answers in Genesis and sat down with them to discuss what they thought of it. You can check out their video update on their Facebook page at this link here.

It's exciting to see that a lot of progress is being made and that they're open to constructive criticism. You can definitely tell that they're invested in this project and want to make sure it's done right! The synopsis for this movie reads:

"We all know the power of a good story communicated in a good film. GENESIS is the beginning of the Greatest Story Ever Told, so we need to communicate it in a Great Film! GENESIS will depict the first three chapters of GENESIS (from God's creation to man's fall) in a very literal, accurate, even emotional way. Just to ensure that this film really reaches out and grabs you, it will also be created in 3D!"

They are also asking for people to be prayer warriors about this film. Their goal is to get as many people as possible praying about this movie. If you want to support them by praying for this movie, you can find out more details here. Be sure to keep checking back as we let you know when this movie releases!


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