Discussion: Best Video Editing Program

July 12th, 2013

Best Video Editing Programs Logos

After lots of hard work, you finally have all the footage needed to create your first video. It's when you sit down a look through all the footage that the problem comes to you - which video editing software is the right one? Upon searching, you will find that there aren't one or two video editing programs, but several dozen for you to choose from. One may have all the features you need, but it might be way out of your price range. Or, one might be very cheap, but has absolutely no features in it. Which one is right for you? Let us know in the comments below about your favorite (or even least-favorite) video editing software, and tell us a little bit about them. We'd love to know what your favorite program is!


Vegas Movie Studio. It has professional quality for an ultra cheap price.

NoahtheAdmin's picture

I currently edit on Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 and I love it. It's got lots of features and is just a very intuitive experience. I also supplement it with Magix Movie Edit Pro 11 & 16, so between these three I have lots of possibilities and options.

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