Spotlight: Finding God in the Movies

November 14th, 2013

Finding God in the Movies Book

Do you like watching movies? Do you like looking for deeper meaning within those movies? Then you definitely want to check out this book - Finding God in the Movies -- 33 Films of Reel Faith. This book takes a deeper look into 33 different movies and applies it to spiritual life. The description reads:

"You love movies. Who doesn't? In Finding God in the Movies, Catherine Barsotti and Robert Johnston show you how to combine your love of movies with your desire for God. Introducing thirty-three films of faith-ranging from Tender Mercies to X-Men -- the authors identify and explore key biblical themes like forgiveness, faith, and repentance. An enthusiastic guide for the individual movie lover or small group, this resource contains production notes and film synopses, relevant Scripture texts, theological reflection, recommended video clips, discussion questions, and more. It will deepen your fervor for film and for God."

If this book looks interesting to you, be sure to check it out here! Once you've read it, be sure to come back and leave us a comment to let us know what you thought of it!


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