Spotlight: Hazardous Journeys Society

June 9th, 2013

Hazardous Journeys Society Videos

Some of you may have heard about Vision Forum's new Hazardous Journeys Society endeavor; to send 15 teams out in one year and to learn more about all of God's amazing creation. They plan to travel all over to many different places, from Antarctica to Zambia. They state their mission on their website:

For more than 125 years, the fields of naturalism, photographic journalism, and commentary on civilizations have been dominated by groups such as the National Geographic Society. This renowned organization alone has shaped the minds of millions since its founding in 1888 by bringing a materialist and evolutionary worldview to their coverage of expeditions into remote areas and investigative field research of ancient cultures, animal and plant life, geology, and a host of other subjects. While dazzling viewers with stunning photographs and video, they have denied the God of creation and given glory to man through their journalism and special reports.

The Hazardous Journeys Society (HJS) was founded with a different aim in mind — to give glory to God, not man, as part of an exciting effort of world exploration. The purpose of the HJS is to provide teams of intrepid adventurers, photographers, students, scientists, journalists, and naturalists with an opportunity to engage in journeys of discovery around the globe and to interpret their findings from a perspective that honors the Creator. HJS’s ten-year mission involves sending teams to all 195 nations on earth to explore every ocean and continent. Each team will execute a mission involving the encouragement of biblical manhood, prudent risk-taking, and a specific dominion objective — all for the glory of God.

One of the things they did to spread the word about HJS is create a series of videos showing different themes about exploration and so on. They were shown at the 2012 SAICFF and I thought they were definitely worth sharing here on the website. They look very professional and well done, and the overall cinematography is superb! They are definitely worth watching and studying for film techniques. You can watch them below or on their website.





Whatever happened to them? They took down their videos and their main website. Only their website for their 2013 Burma Expedition seems to be remaining.

NoahtheAdmin's picture

Daniel, I'm pretty sure they folded when Vision Forum closed down a couple years back. You can read more on

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