Jonathan Park Volume 10 Released

December 1st, 2014

After the success of the Save Jonathan Park campaign back at the beginning of this year, the team has finally come together to produce the tenth album in the series, The Journey Home. This is the first new album to be produced since the relaunch of the series, and it seems to be the beginning of exciting things to come. The synopsis for this album says:

"While traveling around the world and sharing the message of Creation, the Creation Response Team encounters a series of setbacks, convincing them that it’s time to return to their roots and head back to Brenan Ranch. But once home, they discover a sinister plot to destroy it all! Join the CRT as they find themselves in a seemingly never-ending series of catastrophes that threaten to close Hidden Cave, Brenan Bluffs Dinosaur Graveyard, and the Museum forever!"

You can learn all about this album and all the others by visiting their newly revamped website As a personal big fan of the series, I know I'm looking forward to giving this album a listen. Now is a great time to order it, as well, as they're currently having a Cyber Monday sale! What do you think about this series? Have you gotten to hear the brand new episodes yet? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And be sure to stay tuned, as we bring you the latest on the Jonathan Park series!


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