Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy 2014

October 18th, 2014

Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy 2014

It would seem that in the absence of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, several others have stepped up to take the place of both the missing festival and the academy. We've already mentioned the Christian Worldview Film Festival taking place in San Antonio next year, and now there's a Filmmakers Academy coming to Fargo, North Dakota. The Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy, running from November 5th to November 8th, 2014, is an academy aimed at anyone ages 14 and up that is seriously interested in pursuing a filmmaking career. The details for the academy say:

"Few opportunities exist for Christians to network and learn the practical skills of filmmaking in a context grounded in the word of God. The MWCFA was created to provide this opportunity. Taught by experienced filmmaker John-Clay Burnett and Art Director Carol Kiemle, 12-15 attendees will gain hands-on experience making a high quality promotional film. They will participate in art design, cinematography, editing, and much more. They will network with other Christian filmmakers and, most importantly, gain a vision for excellence in film as a means of bringing honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. The MWCFA desires to be a bright light shining in a dark place, used by the Lord toward the transformation of film to the glory of God."

This looks like an exciting opportunity to learn more about the "hands-on" aspect of filmmaking. If you're interested in possibly attending this academy, you can learn more about it on their website at mwcfa.org. There you can also find out about their online webinars and some of the other things they are involved in. We look forward to seeing how the MWCFA will grow in the years ahead!


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