Spotlight: Redemption Way on Indiegogo

October 24th, 2015

We love spotlighting Christian films that are trying to get funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It's important that we help support these projects, so we have more positive Christian media in the market. Today we want to spotlight Redemption Way, which is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The synopsis on their page says:


My name is Brad Podowski. I am a Christ-follower, husband, dad, the owner of BP Video+ and a freelance camera operator and editor.

At the heart of this story, Redemption Way is about sharing our hope in eternity with those we love. Sharing my faith is particularly challenging for me, which is why I'm so personally invested in this project.

Your contribution not only makes this film possible, it also has the potential to change lives.

Making a film is an expensive endeavor, even for low budget filmmakers like myself who watch every penny. There are a tremendous amount of people who invest their time and talent into making a film and they need to be compensated in some form, even if it's simply food and credit. Catering alone can cost a minimum of $5,000 for an 18 day indie shoot, which is a tight schedule for a feature length film. It's very important to show the cast and crew how much they're appreciated, so at a minimum I want to be able to pay key members a stipend for their time. Here's a brief list of how the money will be used:

-Formation of an LLC
-Production Insurance
-Equipment Rental
-Travel and Lodging for Select Cast Members
-Key Cast and Crew Salaries (Depending on how much we raise)
-Professional Sound Mix
-Color Correction
-Hard drives
-Promotional items, etc

You can find out more information about this campaign over on their Indiegogo page: We really hope that this campaign is a success and we look forward to reviewing this movie someday when it's released. In the meantime however, they would really appreciate you sharing this project and helping spread the word. Together, we as Christians can support media that makes a difference!


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