New Direction for the Kendrick Brothers

August 5th, 2013

The Kendrick Brother's Sherwood Pictures New Film Information

Many have heard of or have seen a movie by the Kendrick brothers (The ones who made Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous) and may be wondering what their plans are. A few months ago, the Kendrick brothers announced the new direction they are taking in a post on their website.

The Kendrick Brothers announced that they will be starting an independent movie production company, where their ultimate goal will be to teach the next generation on how to make Christian films. They will not be producing any more films in the foreseeable future under the name Sherwood Pictures, but instead will produce their next film under their new production company. It says on their website,

“God has been clearly speaking to us through His Word, in prayer, and through the counsel of our pastor and other Godly men. This decision has come out of a faith-step of obedience to God’s leading. We dearly love our pastor, Michael Catt, our executive pastor Jim McBride, and our church family. They have believed in us, prayed for us, and sacrificially supported us every step of the way. We see the wisdom of the Lord’s timing in all of this."

But what about any new movies? Do they plan to have any new films coming out any time soon? According to an article on, it appears that the Kendricks are hoping to release a film late 2014 to 2015. Only time will tell as the Kendricks continue to do amazing things for God in the Christian Film industry. Be sure to check back soon as we will have all the latest on the Kendrick's new project as details become available.

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Loved the movie and do pray for an army of believers to stand up in our wonderful nation and have God bring us back to being a loving nation with morals and with God. I have seen courageous at least eight times and recognize quite a few of the actors I love that movie as well. I've seen all of your movies thanks and may God continue to bless you

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