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CFC - Now 2 Years Old!

May 22nd, 2015

On May 22nd, 2013, two years ago today, Christian Film Central went live to the public. It's been an exciting journey, and I've been absolutely amazed by all of the incredible experiences I've gotten to have because of this website. This year in particular has been such a blessing, as we've seen exponential growth on this website. We've now reached over 70,000 people in the history of our website, with more visiting all the time. In the past year we have:

-Started a Facebook page, which has been a great way to get out news to a lot of people quickly

-Launched a podcast, which we've had a lot of fun reviewing movies on. We now have over 75 subscribers, and we're planning on doing a lot more with this channel in the future.

-Beefed up our email subscription by using Mailchimp. We've been actively trying to increase our list, and we now have over 350 email subscribers!

-And probably the thing we're most excited about is our new Youtube channel! I've really enjoyed making videos again, and keeping to a schedule has been an exciting challenge for me. We specialize in Christian film reviews, but we're finding we also enjoy creating lists, like our Top 3 Christian Films of 2014 and our newest video, the 8 Must-see Christian Films of Summer 2015.

Thanks for all the support and encouraging notes over the past two years, and we're looking forward to bringing you lots more news, videos, and reviews over the next year! If you haven't already, you can subscribe to our email newsletter for all the latest news, or you can subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up with all of our latest videos!

I apologize that there has been less content appearing on this website over the past few months. I've been working on building a web design business, and it has been harder to keep up with everything. However, we will continue to keep this website updated, and there are no plans to stop working on this website any time soon. In fact, we have lots of ideas we're hoping to implement over the summer, so as always, stay tuned!

Again, we really appreciate all the support. Every Facebook like, Youtube subscription and email subscription really does make the difference!

Thanks and God bless,

Noah Metzger

Introducing... The CFC Podcast!

June 25th, 2014

Well, we've mentioned before we were working on a new addition to the site, and now we're ready to open it up to the world! Introducing... the Christian Film Central Podcast! Every other Wednesday we'll bring you a brand new review of a Christian film. Sometimes these will be new films that have just premiered in theaters, but we'll also be taking a look at older films that may have already been out for several years. I'll be your host, Noah Metzger, and every episode I'll bring in a guest to review the film with me.

You can listen to our very first episode, a review of Grace Unplugged below or over on iTunes. You can also check out our brand new Podcast section here on our website. Each new podcast will be posted in this section as they are released. You can also go into your iTunes and subscribe to the podcast there. Be sure to listen to our first episode, where my special guest is my own sister, Lexi Metzger!

We're really excited about this new show and we look forward to bringing you a new review every other week. This podcast is definitely a work in progress, so we look forward to hearing your input on how we can improve the podcast. We've started a new e-mail where you can write to us @ podcast@christianfilmcentral.com. At this address you can give us suggestions or feedback, and you can even suggest a film for us to watch and review in a future episode! If you have any questions for me or any of my guests, please feel free to write us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Here's the first episode of the podcast. Be sure to stay tuned as we bring you a new episode every other Wednesday!

Welcome to the official Christian Film Central podcast! Every other week we talk about and review a Christian film. Sometimes these are new films just releasing in theaters, but they may also be older films that have been out for some time. Please join our host, Noah Metzger, and a special guest every other week as we take a look at a different Christian film!

Click here to download Mp3.

Here we are, making our debut in our very first episode of the brand new Christian Film Central Podcast! Join me along with our special guest, Lexi Metzger, as we take an in depth look at Grace Unplugged!

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We're Now on Facebook!

May 28th, 2014

Christian Film Central Facebook Page

As you may have noticed by the Facebook logo now featured at the top of our site, we've now officially set up a Facebook page for CFC! Now, you'll be able to see our posts through your Facebook feed and comment on them through our page! We're hoping to grow our site through the addition of our new Facebook page, and we would love your support if you could visit our page, give us a like, and even help spread the word through your own page!

It's also worth noting that this is not the big announcement we've been talking about for the past month or so. That announcement should be coming very soon! You can visit our Facebook page through this link (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christian-Film-Central/1411105255838715) and thank you in advance for all of your continued support!

A Year Ago Today...

May 22nd, 2014

Early Christian Film Central Site

An early test version of the Christian Film Central site from April 2013

A year ago today I officially launched www.ChristianFilmCentral.com to the public. I had been working on the site for the past couple months and felt confident that it was ready for its initial launch. It started out pretty much as an experiment. I have always had a love for Christian film making and wanted to contribute in my own small way by launching a site dedicated to bringing news and reviews on the latest Christian films. It was a big leap of faith to launch this site as I knew it would be very time consuming to keep updating, and questions kept nagging at me -- Will anyone come? Why am I wasting my time? How is this going to help anyone? Despite all my doubts and fears, I went ahead with it, and a year later I find myself still working on this website, more excited about it now than ever before. Over the past year I've gotten to connect with some amazing people through our Interviews section, learn about some great new Christian films through our Movie Suggestions page, and gotten to communicate with all of you through our e-mail account. It's been an amazing journey so far, and it's been so rewarding to slowly watch our website grow and reach more and more people.

So, now we'd like to hear from you! What changes would you like to see as the second year of Christian Film Central begins? We'd love to know how we can further help you and learn in what areas we can grow. You can write to me here at noah@christianfilmcentral.com. How can we continue to serve you better? Some exciting things are already in store over the next year. Sometime in the next few weeks we'll reveal a big announcement about a new feature we're adding to the site! We've been working very hard on this new addition, and I personally am very anxious to let you all in on it.

Finally, here's what you can do to help us -- we would love it if you shared this website with all of your friends. You can share us on Facebook with this link, on Twitter with this link, or Google+ with this link. We want to spread the word to everyone about Christian Film Central and we would deeply appreciate it if you helped us get the word out to everyone! Don't forget, if you want to stay up to date with all the latest news from Christian Film Central, you can subscribe to our blog by typing your e-mail address in on the left and hitting "subscribe". This way, we'll e-mail you each new blog post so you never miss a post!

Thank you so much for all the support you've shown over the past year as we've really tried to grow and expand Christian Film Central. It wouldn't have been possible without your help, and I thank you for everything you have done to help keep Christian Film Central going. This year is shaping up to be a busy and eventful year for the Christian film industry, so be sure to keep checking back as we bring you all the latest news!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Noah Metzger
Christian Film Central Webmaster

Subscribe to our blog!

September 1st, 2013

Subscribe button

Happy September, everybody!

Today we wanted to point out to you a new feature on our website, the e-mail subscribe button. You may have noticed on the left sidebar, a small block where you can enter your e-mail address and hit the subscribe button. With this feature, you can make sure you never miss a blog post, as they'll all be delivered straight to your mailbox. This is a good way to keep up on Christian film news, and make sure you never miss anything here at CFC. If you want to make sure you stay up to date on the latest Christian film news, be sure to subscribe today!

Web Update - Limited Wifi Access

July 14th, 2013

Over the next two weeks, we may have trouble connecting to wifi, so please bear with us as we may not be able to post blog posts as often as we have been. Fortunately, the site shouldn't experience any downtime, so CFC will still be publicly viewable. We will hopefully be watching several christian films over these next two weeks, and we should have a few movie reviews up on our blog soon. Please stay with us and be sure to explore the other sections on our site while we try to update the blog as best as we can!

More Content Coming Soon!

June 3rd, 2013

Happy June, everyone! We made it back from the conference and it was truly an awesome time. I just wanted to give a quick web update to let you know of all the neat content coming up soon! In the next few days, we should have our first movie review posted, with others to follow that we're working on. We also have three interviews all coming up very soon, too! Keep checking back for all the new content coming soon!

Also, be sure to pay a visit to our "New Movies" section, as we've posted more new movies coming out soon there. Keep checking back in the days ahead, as we have many different exciting things to show you.

Update from the Conference

May 31, 2013

An Update from the Omaha Teach Them Diligently Conference...
It's been a fun two days here in Omaha at the Teach Them Diligently Conference (as mentioned in our last post) I've gotten to attend some very neat talks by Colin Gunn, Danny Carrales, Voddie Baucham and Rhea Perry ranging from filmmaking to documentaries to starting your own business.We've gotten to meet some very neat people and we should have some interviews coming up fairly soon. Also, stay tuned, as we should have a movie review of Shatterpoint Film's stop-motion animation movie Jericho - The Promise Fulfilled and an interview with the creators! Be on the lookout for some very neat things coming up in the days ahead!

Welcome to the Blog!

May 22, 2013

And so it begins...

Welcome to the very first post on the new Christian Film Central blog! Here at the blog, you can find all kinds of resources for various Christian Film fields. We have a wide array of topics we hope to discuss on this blog, and our goal is to bring you the latest news and information concerning the ever-expanding world of Christian film. CFC is a hub for Christian filmmaking news, but we also want to make it a place where people can meet and share their ideas concerning Christian film. Each blog post has a comments section below that is meant for people to discuss the topic and learn from each other. We want to hear your opinions! We have a number of different topics these blog posts will cover, from interviews to tutorials. Through this blog, we will post:

~Discussion Questions - Every now and then we will ask you a question and get your opinion in the comments on how you feel about a certain issue. These discussion questions will range from serious questions to questions about what your favorite video editing software is.

~Interviews - We hope to perform interviews with various people in the Christian film industry. We hope to ask them questions about upcoming things they are working on, past experiences, and advice they may have to wannabe filmmakers.

~News - This will cover a variety of topics, but anything that constitutes news, such as a new line of cameras coming out, or a new movie coming out, etc.

~Reviews - We hope to review both movies and products and give you our opinions on them. Then in the comments, you can give us your take on whether you liked the product or not.

~Spotlights - Here, we will "spotlight" certain products, businesses, or movies and recommend them to you as good products.

~Tutorials - We also plan to add various tutorials on how to do certain camera effects, special effects, etc. This may also include linking to other useful tutorials for you to try, as well.

~Web Updates - Any time we make a radical change to the site, or need to alert you of any upcoming changes, we will post them as a web update.

Well, now you know all there is to know about the CFC blog. Please join us as this site continues to grow over the coming months and (hopefully) years! Ultimately, the goal of this site beyond bringing news from the Christian film world is to serve the Lord. Hopefully, we can use this site to serve Him! So, please join us for our adventure, and spread the word about CFC!

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